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Meet the owner

Monarchy IT

Matt Anciaux

Matt is a technology guru who has been helping family, friends, and businesses alike since the 1990's.  From troubleshooting his grandparents' dial-up connection, to fixing family printers and removing viruses for friends, to managing servers and networks for businesses, he has seen it all.  He started Monarchy IT after graduating from UC Irvine in response to the lack of client care given in the IT support industry.  Putting the client first, he has grown Monarchy IT from a nimble start-up to a full-scale solution provider for small and big businesses alike, never forgetting the home user.  He hopes to gain you as a client next.  He is an avid sports fan in his spare time.  He has been married to his wife, Melissa, for 6 years.  Together they have a 4 year old son.