Shame on AVG

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As Charlie Osborne puts clearly in her excellent article linked above over at, AVG, the leading free anti-virus in the world, hit their goal of a one page privacy policy.  However, it contains information that should be dreaded by each of their users and the cybersecurity community at large.  AVG confirms that data collected from their users will be sold to third party software partners, in order to keep the product free.  This is a gross misuse of trust, and for those that wonder how their info gets onto the web for bad guys to take advantage of, it’s with deals like these.

At Monarchy IT, we have chosen the #1 independently tested anti-virus on the market, (,, to partner with, Bitdefender.  The chief reason being their cutting-edge approach to cybersecurity for both residential and business users, but also because of their ethical approach to client data, unlike AVG and many of their competitors.  If you’re on AVG or another “free” anti-virus because you don’t see the value of paid protection at the moment, please consider switching before your data is sold to companies that you have no agreement with over how they can use it.  We can be reached at (800) 229-8232, or by email at

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