Stay Compliant! Create a Guest Wireless Network

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At Monarchy IT, we specialize in the compliance verticals, i.e. healthcare, finance, etc.

Among the many requirements mentioned in the various compliance laws that govern these industries is that all internal data must be separate from any outside client internet connectivity.

Time and again, though, businesses have clients or prospective clients connect to their internal wireless network, thereby exposing their internal wired network as well.  This is a BIG NO-NO.

Any type of breach leaves client data at risk, and a seemingly well-to-do prospective client to these businesses to could be masking themselves as a hacker.  If they are allowed access to the internal wireless network, all defenses are down, and they have full access to sensitive data held by the business.  This is the worst-case scenario, but entirely possible with the way a lot of businesses have their network set-up currently.

If you’re looking to take your compliance to the next level and avoid the massive fines that come with lack of compliance, feel free to contact us at (800) 229-8232 or by email at  Let us show you the way.

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