Teradata CAO: “Businesses cannot afford to wait until they’ve been breached to act.”

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Check out the link above to an awesome article by Asha Barbaschow over at zdnet.com.  In it, Teradata Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks goes over new big-data driven methods being used in protecting and fighting back against hackers.  Using the banking industry specifically, he mentions how they’re now monitoring bank employee/customer interactions and products offered to see if any information given is too much, which could lead to an avenue being opened to a hazardous attack.  This push is a result of the myriad of compliance laws being put on various industries, and the reality of high-profile breaches becoming almost a daily occurrence.  Franks mentions that businesses have to take cybersecurity seriously, that bad guys won’t schedule a time to do their nefarious deeds, and that a plan/defense must be in place.

At Monarchy IT, we wholeheartedly agree with this sound-the-alarm warning from Mr. Franks.

Just this past week, the IRS admitted another 370,000 individuals private information has been compromised on top of the 100,000 individuals mentioned in their initial May statement, the AshleyMadison.com hackers put out information on both users and internal company documents, and both Microsoft and Google both issued emergency updates to their operating systems.

We live in a digital world, and it has vulnerabilities.  But there are defenses that can be put up against the threats that are out there.

At Monarchy IT, we pride ourselves on using the most cutting-edge security policies to keep your business safe.  If you’re ready to keep your business from being the next all over the news headlines, contact us at (800) 229-8232 or support@monarchyit.com and we’ll help lead your business to safety.

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