Back-up, Back-up, Back-up! Have a plan since you don’t back-up!

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At Monarchy IT, we strive to help our business and residential clients from facing the situation of extended downtime due to a device going haywire.  The best form of protection from having to re-build a new device from scratch if the one you’re operating goes down is to back-up!

Backing-up has come to mean just the data on your devices, but can also include the system images and operating system information that helps increase the speed of getting back up-and-running after a crash.  We here at Monarchy IT add our voice to the entire IT community that has for years been telling everyone to back-up their devices, in order to prevent the worst from happening-the complete loss of important data.

Whether it’s family photos or critical business documents, everyone has data that they hold dear.  Don’t be at a loss in case of a device crash-implement regular back-ups to avoid disaster.  And in the event of a disaster, have a plan on how you’ll restore the data you’re backing up, hopefully in the most efficient manner possible.

If you or your business requires help in this process, please reach out to us at (800) 229-8232 or by email at  No one needs to experience the feeling of losing valued data forever.

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