Monarchy IT Security Tip #4: Patch your devices!

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At Monarchy IT, we strive to educate our clientele and prospective clients on areas of cybersecurity where we feel their knowledge is most likely to be lacking.

Without a doubt, the biggest area of misinformation currently when it comes to the arena of malicious intrusions has to do with how they gain access to a system.

Most in the business world feel that if any security breach goes down, it is the fault of their operating system, (usually Windows), not being secure enough.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Yes, in the early explosion of workplace computing, Microsoft was not as equipped as it should have been for those who wanted to exploit holes in their code for nefarious purposes, but today, the majority of intrusions comes through 3rd party software that is installed on the computer, i.e. Adobe Flash, Reader, Java, etc.

With this being the case, it is crucial to a business today to have both Windows and the various 3rd party software that they have installed on a regularly monitored schedule of installing updates to all of these platforms, to ensure security and stability for their systems.

As part of our managed solutions, Monarchy IT offers this service to businesses, so they don’t have to spend time becoming security experts, and instead can be using that time to helping their business grow.

If you want to know your systems are up to date and secure at all times, give us a call at (800) 229-8232 or email us at; we’d be glad to put your technology on the right track.

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